Registration Procedure

There will be a timed registration process. Please look below to find the exact registration dates and payment mechanisms. In accordance with the AIDA constitution, all universities will be guaranteed a minimum of six teams should they wish they take them and should capacity allow. Extra teams and adjudicators will be distributed based on the order of registration.

Registration will be via the FastRego system. Institutions can Pre-Register here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unfamiliar with the Registration process or in the use of FastRego


Registration Timeline

Times are in Victorian Eastern Summer Time, please be mindful of timezones and daylight savings variations (looking at you Queensland)

03rd March Institutional Registration opens at 9am here.
07th March Institutional Registration closes at 5pm
08th March Initial allocation of teams, institutions notified by email
14th March 50% Deposit Due to hold allocated spots
15th March Additional teams are offered per registration policies
21st March 50% Deposit to hold additional spots due
from this point additional teams are offered as they become available
02nd April Balance Due

Following confirmation of team numbers Institutions will be asked to complete details of individual participants including dietary requirements, room/hotel preferences, U18 information and adjudicator information. Completing this by the advised deadline is a condition of registration.


Payment Information

Registration has been set at $360 per participant.

The payment for this tournament will be due in two stages.
– Stage 1 is due on the 14th of March, and institutions must complete at least 50% of their payment by this date.
– Stage 2 is due on the 2nd of April. Institutions must pay the full amount that they owe by this date.

Any teams which do not adhere to these dates without obtaining an extension (in advance) may loose some or all of their allocated teams plus any deposits already paid.

Request for payment extensions must be communicated at least 5 days in advance of the deadline or within 24 hours of being allocated teams, which ever is later. Extensions will be granted at the sole discretion of the tournament, being granted an extension for one deadline does not necessarily mean your institution will be granted a subsequent extension. Unfortunately we have bills to pay too.

Payment can be made either through EFT or cheque, institutions will be sent payment details upon successful registration. Proof of payment can be uploaded to the FastRego system or emailed here.

Failure to transmit a proof of payment (deposit/wiring slip) by the due date means an institution may forfeit their spots and any monies previously paid.

Please note the following

  • In the event you are unable to fill the number of teams/adjudicators you have been allocated please contact the tournament immediately.
  • If another institution is able to fill your spot then you will not forfeit your payments (the other institution will ‘buy’ it from you). Please note that this isn’t guaranteed but the earlier you contact us the better your chances.
  • Institutions must contact the tournament directly rather than transfer teams amongst themselves however any payment transfers will be between the institutions (no refunds will be issued by the tournament)



Institutions are notified that their contingent compositions should be compliant with following policies:
  • All participants must be enrolled as students at the institution they are representing
  • Teams must consist of students from the same institution (exceptions apply)
  • Two members of each team must be a novice (a novice is defined as someone who has not debated at a Worlds, Australs or no more than two Easters)
  • N-1 Rule: each institution must provide at least a number of adjudicators one less that the number of teams allocated. Eg an institution allocated 6 teams must provide 5 adjudicators, an institution allocated 1 team does not need to provide an adjudicator.

Affirmative action requirements stipulate that in the contingent of each institution at least

  • One third of each contingent must be female
  • One third of the first three teams of a contingent must be female
Please note this is an extract of AIDA provisions, consult the AIDA Constitution for the full details of the provisions and exemptions. Exemptions and special provisions can be sought for each of the above stipulations, please consult the Constitution for additional information or don’t hesitate to contact us.