Chief Adjudicators

Gemma Buckley

Some might describe Gemma as the doyenne of Monash Debating. Others might question how on earth she spent the best part of a decade completing an Arts degree. Often found preaching Stiglitz to the masses, collecting adoring fans as if they were pokemon cards or championing the developing world (whilst simultaneously hating it for being kind of you know…poor). Recently crowned the second best speaker at World’s ahead of her co-CA/lackey James Beavis, Gemma is a fantastic choice for CA of Easters. Her passion for debating is actually unrivalled (like literally nobody cares more) and her list of achievements is long and full of great success.

James Beavis

Credit to Beavis, he is a man not intimidated by or embarrassed to stand next to far more impressive and talented women (Source: Nita Rao, Gemma Buckley). Having won Worlds 2013 and recently been ranked 3rd Best Speaker at the 2014 Worlds, he is a very good debater. What he lacks in modesty he makes up for in shoulder width. When not reading radical feminist literature, learning the guitar or ‘lifting’ he can usually be found discussing his girlfriend because he has one of those…in case somehow you didn’t know.


Deputy Chief Adjudicators

Jess Musulin

Griffith University

At the tender age of 19, Jess was tricked into going to the Sydney Mini as it was described to her as “an easy novice competition”. For her, the highlight of that tournament was not coming last in round 1. Fortunately for Jess, she overcame being crushed at that tournament and is now a Worlds Quarter Finalist and Australs Pre-Octo Finalist, as well as a Sydney Mini, Melbourne Mini and UNSW IV Semi Finalist and Macquarie Mini Winner. She was the Chief Adjudicator of the 2013 Queensland Debating Championships and Co-Convened Griffith Easters, where she also broke as an adjudicator and judged the tournament’s octo, quarter and semi finals. In her spare time, Jess enjoys netball, Game of Thrones and lasagne. As an avid lover of freedom, she is also quite fond of Ron Paul and arguing with people on Facebook.


Dom Bowes

University of Sydney

Dom is serial choker. He has been a semi-finalist at Melbourne Easters, a semi-finalist at Botswana Worlds and at Wellington Australs. Dom made it past a semi when, most recently, he was runner-up at Berlin Worlds. He has been a top ten-speaker at Worlds, and was best speaker at Easters in 2010. Dom is looking forward to joining the adjudication core at Monash.  He has judged the grand final of Easters, broken as a judge at Worlds and been a Co-CA of the UNSW IV. In the meantime he hopes to be a few steps closer to the destruction of The One Ring.


Daniel Kirkby

University of Western Australia

Upon finding out that his long time life partner Gemma was Co-CAing a tournament, Daniel decided this would be his one chance to make it to an adj core. Also he made out with one of the conveners once and assumed this could only improve his chances. Daniel was excited to be the most right wing freedom loving member of the adj core, then he found out Jess was also appointed. As an Easters semifinalist, Easters second best speaker, Australs quarter finalist and Australs equal 11th best speaker, Daniel was excited to be the best choker on the adj core, until he found out Dom was appointed. Ultimately all Daniel brings to this adj core is an ability to consider himself a big deal despite coming from Perth, and debating with the same person every chance he gets (although realistically Jess does that too). Daniel has judged the Easters Grand final and Co-CA’d the Western Australian BP Championship twice. He is also a Melbourne Mini Grand finalist but his proudest achieving is winning Monash Mini, in a team whose combined age was that of the rest of the tournament.


Tab Director

Thomas Stansfield

Ever since Tom was hospitalised at his first Easters for head-butting a steel news stand we knew he would one day be in charge of tabulating  the nation’s largest tournament. Since joining MAD in 2010, Tom has gone on to represent Monash throughout the region including breaking to the 2014 Worlds Quarter Finals; we can only imagine what he would have achieved without the concussion! Tom has tabbed MAD Mini and is in his final year of completing a Bachelor of Information Technology.